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I conduct solution focused brief and long term therapy in English. So don't hesitate to contact by phone or leave a message.


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Jaana Katriina Lahti



Philosophical dialogue expert


jaana2018JAANA KATRIINA LAHTI (54), PhD, ThM

As you may notice, I'm not a native English speaker but I try my best. Some elements in communication are thus nonverbal and the mutual trust is one of the most important factors in interaction and co-operation around your questions.

"I love words, books, and unique human stories.
To be heard and seen as one is and understood as one would wish to be: that is a person's profound need.  

In common with other contexts, in therapy it is also important that the 'chemistry' is there and people ‘hit it off’ with each other. This way, the client is heard, encouraged to express in dialogue, and able to think about things from a new perspective together with an expert. So, it is worth being persistent in looking for a suitable therapeutic partner!

In my daily work, I have found that what is important – in addition to formal qualifications and professional experience – is a personal feel for what I do. I am particularly at home with the vistas of relationships, families and stepfamilies, child and adolescent development, religious issues and abuses, sickness, pain, bereavement, coping with stress at work, and career or retirement planning & issues. 

I have had and have the good fortune of seeing clients of all ages, from children to seniors, with diverse issues.  

This work is rewarding because of the instant interaction and feedback 
both after training sessions and when people say that they have benefited from our search of new viewpoints.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch: my heartfelt mission is to serve my clients in a caring and professional way. Should I realise that you would benefit from a qualified colleague’s input instead of or as well as mine, you will get help: I have a network of excellent and highly skilled colleagues.”

Please contact me using the contact form
 or by telephone (+358409310081). Hope to see you soon! Apologize me if my schedule is full - I try to respond you anyway and give suggestions how to proceed.

I conduct solution-focused brief and long-term therapy in English as well.Do get in touch!


- Doctor of Philosophy (educational psychology).
- Master of Theology (dual degree: courses preparing for church and social work and teaching, teachertraining and some textbookwriting); subject teacher in Philosophy, Psychology, Ethics, Religious Studies; National Board of Education qualification; teacher training qualification;

licensed (Valvira) solution-focused advanced level psychotherapist (VET); Kela psychotherapist qualification adults and young people over 15, brief and long-term therapy

- specialist courses on training, coaching and therapeutic work; continuing advanced studies  (pedagogy). MBSR or mindfulness-based stress reduction basic and advanced studies, also MBCT or mindfulness-based cognitive therapy cognitive skills guide training.


Dean in faculty of medicine (Helsinki University) has approved me 2015- as the student in cognitive-integrative psychotherapy studies - I'm so grateful of this highly competed possibility to study life long for the benefit of my clients. 


Integrative psychotheraphy 
I aim to apply the methods of various theoretical traditions: just a bit of psychoanalytical / psychodynamic, mostly cognitive and solution-focused & dialogic and offerings in functional and effective psychotherapy. As licensed advanced level therapist (solution-focused) I have experience of long-term cognitive therapy, and I am currently evaluating the tools of Body Awareness Therapy. So called fifth wave (eg mindfulness) skills in psychotherapy interest me currently a lot and I am dedicated to study more about them (see above currently ongoing studies). Similarly, with cognitive skills training, I am interested in utilising the tools of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schematherapeutic tools and latest findings of Cognitive Analytic (CAT) therapy.

My fundamental approach to psychology evolved within the psychotherapeutic paradigm i -80's - after that I continued to Cognitive and Solution Focus directions. The central theme of the currently ongoing work on my doctoral thesis is dialogicity as a phenomenon.